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Building Modeling and Digital Twin

Gissky is your trusted partner for advanced BIM and Digital Twin services. Our experienced team can create realistic BIM models of buildings, providing you with an accurate representation of the design and construction process. We can also create digital twins using BIM or 3D scanning, giving you a comprehensive and interactive virtual representation of your city. Benefit from the power of BIM and Digital Twin to visualize, analyze and optimize the design, construction, and operation of your building projects. Our services allow you to reduce costs, improve quality, and increase efficiency in your projects, providing you with a competitive advantage in the market. Join our satisfied clients and revolutionize your building projects with Gissky’s innovative BIM and Digital Twin services. Sure, here are some of the benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM) services:
  1. Improved project management: BIM provides a centralized repository of information that can be accessed by all stakeholders, enabling better collaboration and decision making.
  2. Increased accuracy: BIM models are highly detailed and accurate, providing a clearer understanding of the design and construction process, reducing the likelihood of errors and rework.
  3. Enhanced visualization: BIM enables clients to see their buildings in 3D, giving them a better understanding of the finished product and allowing for design changes to be made before construction begins.
  4. Cost savings: By identifying and resolving design and construction issues early, BIM can help reduce construction costs and time, improving project delivery and profitability.

Benefits Of Digital Twin Services:

Applications of BIM include architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC), facility management, and real estate development.


Real-time Monitoring
Digital Twins allow for real-time monitoring and analysis of physical objects, providing a comprehensive view of the object’s behavior and performance.


Predictive Maintenance
By analyzing data from the Digital Twin, it’s possible to predict when maintenance is required, reducing downtime and improving operational efficiency.


Improved Decision Making
With access to real-time data, clients can make informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information.


Cost Savings
By identifying and resolving issues early, Digital Twins can help reduce costs and improve profitability.
Applications of Digital Twin services include facility management, asset management, urban planning, and transportation, among others.
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