Accurately measure and map the Earth’s surface with precision
and detail, using the power of photographs.


Gissky’s cutting-edge photogrammetry services bring your projects to new heights. Our drone technology, equipped with RGB and multispectral cameras and precise RTK location data, enables us to provide highly accurate and detailed measurements. From topographical surveys and asset inspections to 3D modeling and more, our photogrammetry solutions offer a wide range of benefits to enhance your projects and drive success. Let us elevate your game with our advanced photogrammetry services.
  1. Topographical surveys: Surveying the terrain and generating digital elevation models, contour maps, and orthophotos.
  2. Asset inspection: Inspecting buildings, bridges, and other structures, and creating digital models for maintenance and repair purposes.
  3. Mapping and GIS data collection: Creating detailed maps of geographical areas and collecting data for GIS analysis.
  4. 3D modeling: Creating 3D models of buildings, landscapes, and other objects for use in virtual reality and other applications.
  5. Agricultural surveys: Monitoring crops and fields, and collecting data for crop health assessments and yield predictions.
  6. Environmental monitoring: Monitoring changes in land cover and surface temperature, and tracking the impact of climate change.
  7. Urban planning: Mapping urban areas and monitoring land use patterns to inform decision-making for urban planning and development.
  8. Infrastructure monitoring: Monitoring infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and buildings, and providing data for maintenance and repair.

3d Models Generated

3d models generated from photogrammetry data are commonly used for:


Volumetric Data Extraction


Cross-sectional And Longitudinal Profile Creation


Height Measurement Of Objects.


Virtual Representation Of Real-world Environments


Virtual Reality And Gaming Applications


Architectural Design And Visualization


Urban Planning And Decision-making


A wide range of other industries and purposes.


  1. Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
  2. Digital Surface Models (DSM)
  3. Orthophoto Mosaics
  4. 3D Point Clouds
  5. 3D Building and Structure Models
  6. Elevation Maps
  7. Contour Maps
  8. Digital Elevation Models (DEM)
  9. 3D Reconstruction and Visualization
  10. Oblique Imagery
  11. Surface Roughness Maps
  12. Volume Measurements
  13. Stockpile Volumetrics
  14. Vegetation and Tree Height Maps
  15. Infrastructure and Asset Mapping
  16. Cultural Heritage Documentation and Conservation
  17. Agriculture and Environmental Monitoring.
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